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键盘党: 喜欢各种黑科技,热衷于捣鼓好玩的程序开发和信息安全技术。

刷琴党: 追随民谣和摇滚的Install B伪文青,享受那一刻感性的冲动占领智商的高地。

快门党: 曾今是一名不合格的非冲动型快门护手级拍照爱好者,坐拥廉价感动牌爪机及穷人头若干。有妹子时候拼了命也要拍妹子,没妹子时候就混入一帮大叔中当风光屌。可现今却连爪机都已不再...

其他: 弱冠时对FPS持狂热态度,今鲜有时日但得闲则戏之。

不被嘲笑的梦想是不值得实现的! ——罗胖

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某不知名信息安全战队watch0ut中的一员,希望志同道合的小伙伴们能和我们一起喝喝啤酒吃吃烤肉打打CTF。 比赛心得和Writeup请移步watch0ut的博客

About Me

Debug Man.

Coding: Drown in cutting-edge techniques, especially in those programming and cyber security issues.

Guitar: Love country folk and rock, but a bad acoustic guitar player.

Photography: A photographer with no camera...

Other: Drown in FPS games before being an adult.

The dream that nobody laughed at is not worth achieving!     ---Yonghao Luo

About This Site

Share and note my personal ideas, less is more.

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About Team

Member of an unknown cyber security team watch0ut. We really hope more and more friends will join in, enjoy beer, BBQ and CTF with us. For competition notes and write-ups, please refer to watch0ut Notebook.