Replace Walkthrough


The write-up for Replace in

Exploit Exercises Nebula level10-14 Writeup


The write-up for Nebula No.10 to No.14 in


本文为逆向工程练习网站reversing.kr中Easy Crack、Easy Keygen、Easy Unpack及Easy ELF的解题攻略。

The write-up for 4 easy challenges in Easy Crack, Easy Keygen, Easy Unpack and Easy ELF.

Exploit Exercises Nebula level05-09 Writeup


The write-up for Nebula No.05 to No.09 in It also includes the environment configuration.

Exploit Exercises Nebula level00-04 Writeup


The write-up for Nebula No.00 to No.04 in It also includes the environment configuration.


主要介绍利用Pelican静态博客生成系统和Github Page搭建个人博客的完整方法,其中包括各个组件的下载、安装、Pelican的基本语法等内容。同时后半篇讨论了Pelican主题制作等相关问题。

Tutorial about how to build personal blog with static blog generated system Pelican and Github Page. It focuses on downloading, installation and configuration of all components and the basic grammar of Pelican. It also discusses some relevant problems includes theme customization.